Know About Product Acid Rotary Gear Pump

AMT TECHNO POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT ROTARY GEAR PUMP is self-priming pump specially designed for pumping highly corrosive and non-lubricating liquid with variable control flow and accurate dosing application.

This pump can be used for pumping acid, water, alkaline, food beverages, solvents, corrosive liquid, highly corrosive liquid and non-lubricating liquid etc. While in the current market all rotary gear pump having bushing or bearing and the lubrication to busing or bearing are given by the pumping liquid. In that case if pumping liquid is corrosive like HCL or non-lubricating liquid like WATER the busing or bearing will be damaged and giving less life to pump. We changed conventional method and designed pump in two part one is bearing housing and other is pumping chamber. One side bearing housing having bearings for shafts (Drive and Driven) and arrangement for electric motor drive to the pump, other side each shaft is going into the pumping chamber with sealing where gear is mounted on the shaft and body of pumping chamber is mounted on the bearing housing with distance piece. While there is sealing arrangement in both shaft at pumping chamber. The distance piece is ensuring not to pass liquid to the bearing chamber and drain it while seal is leakage. The pumping chamber including pump body, gears, gasket and all liquid wetted parts are designed in the special grade wear and temp. resistance plastic. Shaft of the gear pump is designed in the corrosive resistance metal like SS316 and INCONEL 625. Selection of shaft metal is depending on the application of pump and concentration of chemicals at the time of ordering. Design of pump is ensuing minimum contact of pumping liquid with shaft.

Technical Specification of Acid Rotary Gear Pump
Model and Technical Details ACCUPUMP-12 ACCUPUMP-25 ACCUPUMP-40 ACCUPUMP-50 ACCUPUMP-65
Capacity: LPM (M³/HOUR) 25 (1.5) 50 (3) 125 (7.5) 200 (12) 350 (21)
Connection Size 12MM (1/2”) 25MM (1”) 40MM (1 ½”) 50MM (2”) 65MM (2 ½”)
Maximum Rotating Speed 1500RPM 1500RPM 1500RPM 1500RPM 1500RPM
Maximum Pressure 5KG/CM² 5KG/CM² 5KG/CM² 5KG/CM² 5KG/CM²
Maximum Temp. 150˚C 150˚C 150˚C 150˚C 150˚C
Motor Capacity KW (HP) 0.75 (1) 1.5 (2) 2.2 (3) 3.7 (5) 5.5 (7.5)