Know About Product Colloid Mill

Colloid Mill is the machine mainly using for wet mixing, dispensing, emulsification, homogenizing and piratical size reducing application. Colloid Mill is mainly use in food, beverages, chemicals, cosmetic, pharmaceuticals, paint, oil and gas, bitumen, asphalt etc. industries.

Colloid Mill is work on the rotor and stator principal, Rotor and Stator is designed coaxially stages, which have radial slotted, and a unique designed tooth was created. Design of rotor and stator, number of stages, number of tooth and material of Rotor and Stator are depending on the application data lick media viscosity, specific gravity, hardness, temperature, composition etc. Colloid mill mainly designed as stator is fixed and rotor is rotating at hi speed (RPM), speed is also depending on the application. The media is entered in the system from the center of stator, because of high speed a centrifugal force is created, and media is flowing the outside from stages of rotor and stator where minimum gap between rotor and stator is ensure the proper mixing and homogenizes of liquid or solid.

AMT TECHNO is developed a unique combination of rotor and stator for Bitumen Emulsion and PMB/CRMB which give the proper partial size distribution and better result in the final product. AMT TECHNO also serves the Colloid Mill and Homogenizers to application like pharmaceutical, food, beverages, chocolate, cosmetics, paint etc. Our Research and Development department is also work for each and individual requirement and can-do small testing and take small batches of your product on our small laboratory Colloid Mill at AMT TECHNO headquarter before purchasing the machine.

Technical Specification of AMT Colloid Mill
Model And Technical Details AMT-LAB AMT-05 AMT-09 AMT-36 AMT-54
Mixing, Emulsification, Dispensation, Homogenization Capacity: M³/Hour 0.5 To 2 3 To 20 7 To 40 20 To 100 50 To 200
Connection Size 25MM (1”) 40MM (1 ½”) 50MM (2”) 100MM (4”) 150MM (6”)
Rotating Speed 2900 To 5600 RPM 1800 To 2900 RPM 1800 To 2900 RPM 1800 To 2900 RPM 1500 To 2200 RPM
Motor Capacity KW (HP) 0.75-2.25 (1-3) 7.5-30 (10-40) 11-112 (15-150) 45-112 (60-150) 67.5-150 (90-200)