Know About Product Laboratory &
Research Equipment

Laboratory and Pilot Plant is use for preparation of the product recipes and for testing the raw material in small quantity before taking commercial production.

Laboratory Pilot Colloidal Mill

Laboratory colloidal mill is very cost-effective solution for laboratory testing and producing small quantity of Bitumen Emulation and PMB/CRMB. This equipment is mainly including AMT-LAB colloidal mill with 2 to 5Kg hoper and circulation pipe line. In this system you have to manually prepare soap solution and bitumen in laboratory beakers or in steel mugs then it will be proceeding by Laboratory colloidal mill and you get the small batch of the Bitumen Emulsion. In this system we are also gives the thermostatically electrical heating system up to 200°C so you can also test the PMB/CRMB from same equipment and also heating system is prevent the equipment from chocking. This equipment is also use for various other requirements, for details please CONTACT US.


Advantage of Laboratory Colloidal Mill

  • Cost effective solution for laboratory.
  • Hi Shear Colloidal Mill which is ensure small partial size.
  • Uses minimum quantity of raw material.
  • Small quantity lick 1 to 2 kg testing can be possible.
  • Helps to prepare recipes for commercial production.
  • Useful to prepare sample for approvals no need to run commercial production unit.

Laboratory Pilot Plant

Pilot Plant is as same as the automatic batch type bitumen emulsion plant but this equipment have individual arrangement for produce PMB/CRMB. In pilot plant there is two tanks of 25Kg for water and bitumen. Water tank is made from corrosion resist material and equipped with agitator and thermostatically control electrical heating system. While bitumen tank also have the agitator and thermostatically control electric heating system. Bitumen and Water soap line is including the pump and flow meters for very accurate dosing to the colloidal mill, bitumen line and colloidal mill also have thermostatically control electric heating cable for prevent the system form choking. After preparation of bitumen and water soap it will be proceed by colloidal mill, Flow rate of water soap and bitumen are controlled by the PID controller. AMT TECHNO Pilot Plant is equipped with AMT-LAB Colloidal Mill. Pilot plant can be made for other application, for details please CONTACT US.

Advantage of Pilot Plant

  • Pilot Plant useful to exclusive research and testing application; suggested to institutes and Research and Development Centres.
  • Hi Shear Colloidal Mill which is ensure small partial size.
  • PID Controllers which gives very Easy Operation of equipment.
  • Many various testing can be possible at one time by varying the flow rate.
  • Coriolis mass flow meter for Bitumen line.
  • Flow meter is ensuring the highly precision dosage.